1st Step: Get in touch

You can call me or write an email to make a non-binding appointment.

Attention to those with social health insurance:  Before we can start our first session I would send you all the necessary forms via email. Please fill them out completely and bring them to the session.

2nd Step: Four to five probatory sessions

The first four to five probatory sessions give us time and space to get to know each other and create a base of trust. In these sessions we will together develop a detailed personal and medical history to form a diagnosis. Afterwards we will set your goals for therapy and create a treatment plan together. Throughout the first sessions I will make an application for therapy to your insurance if needed.


3rd Step: Psychotherapy

Outpatient Psychotherapy can be carried out as a short-term therapy (Up to 24 sessions) or as a long-term therapy (up to 60-80 sessions), depending on the severity of the condition. Usually the sessions take place on a weekly basis and last for 50 minutes. When necessary or desired we can arrange for more frequent sessions.. Towards the end of the therapy, sessions take place every two or four weeks.