Payment through social health insurance

On the ground that this is a private practice, I settle my costs via social health insurance with the “Kostenerstattungsverfahren”. Therefore it is necessary to apply for outpatient therapy following § 13 (3) SGB V. The application for therapy must occur prior to the probatory sessions. You can get all the necessary forms from me and I´m happy to help you filling the out.

Application must include:

  1. Medical certificate of the urgency for therapy
  2. Evidence of contact with at least five other psychotherapists who have a panel practice. You must document that they have long waiting times (minimum four months).
  3. Application for non-contractual therapy
  4. A therapeutic consultation. Appointments can be made at your insurance (“Terminservicestelle”). For the application in my practice we will need the form “PTV11”, which you can get there.

Attention! Social health insurance currently only occasionally approves therapy in a private practice. Be prepared for waiting times of up to three months. The social health insurances AOK, DAK and Barmer GEK are particularly unlikely to approve the therapy.